President’s Message – 4-8-2019

Brothers and Sisters

April 22nd is fast approaching. This is the only scheduled mediation remaining. We can close this deal if American Airlines decides to do the right thing. Protect the work we do today and allow us to grow with the company. American Airlines leadership believes you are willing to accept the inadequate offering they posted on Jetnet. They don’t want to negotiate with the committee. They want to negotiate with you on Jetnet. The time is coming when some tough decisions are going to have to be made. We can’t allow them to treat us like we don’t matter. This airline was built on our backs. Remember the sacrifices we all gave to help this airline survive. Now should be our time to reap the benefits of the record profits of the largest airline in the world. Let them know how you feel about being treated like a number. We are in the fight of our lives. Lets come out on top. Stay strong together. 


Kevin Sullivan

President Local 510

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April 4, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

The Association leadership met with American Airlines executive management Wednesday, April 3rd in Washington, DC. The idea was to have an unfiltered discussion with company decision makers to, hopefully, break the logjam in negotiations.

The lower level company negotiators had reached the end of their authority and steadfastly continued their concessionary demands that the Association give up healthcare options that already exist, accept inferior retirement provisions and allow our work to be outsourced. Your negotiators refuse to accept these concessionary demands.

The higher level executives doubled down at the meeting by reinforcing all of the company concessionary demands. They unflinchingly argued that their proposals should be good enough for the Association workforce to accept. They glowed about the future rosy outlook for the company while simultaneously stating that the workforce should shrink and be happy about it.

Consider this: over a 5-year period, American Airlines has authorized that $15 billion of company money be spent to buy back company stock. The cost of our contracts, with all of our proposals including work protections, would only be a fraction of that money. The leadership of this company is clearly driven by greed over consideration of the long term survival of its workforce.

Sisters and Brothers, we are in the fight of our careers. The executive leadership of this company has made it perfectly clear that they will not play fair.

The choice for every Association represented member is to either lay down and accept this or clearly and unambiguously let the company know you refuse. Your Association leadership has already let them know we are in for the fight.

The rest is up to you.

Your Association Negotiating Committees