President’s Message – 10-10-18

Brothers and Sisters,

American Airlines filed for mediation on September 12, 2018. Instead of sitting down with the negotiating committee and hammering out a contract, they continue to try to obtain language that will put our jobs in jeopardy. It is my opinion that this is a sign of the times in the United States of America. We have all seen the attacks on the working class over the last several years, from the fight for $15 an hour to Janus. Companies are recording record profits yet they still want to take and take. Thirty years ago, I started my career with American Airlines and as a TWU member we were taught to be the best we could be. Back then, American Airlines had some appreciation for that fact. We always managed to work things out but that American Airlines no longer exists, this is the new American Airlines. I need you all to understand this. We need to stay strong together and not let them take our jobs or future jobs. All we are asking for is what we have now. This American Airlines has a chance to do the right thing by it’s employees and be a leader in changing this trend. We’ll see their true colors in the near future but unfortunately, don’t count on them doing the right thing. Remember we built this airline with our hard work and dedication. Don’t let them disrespect us ever again.


Kevin Sullivan

President Local 510


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October 16, 2018

Mediator Schedules Dates, Association Demands More

Brothers and Sisters,

The two mediators assigned to our negotiations have notified the TWU-IAM Association and the Company that three bargaining dates have been scheduled: October 30, January 29-31 and February 12-14. While the Association welcomes the opportunity to negotiate during these dates, these three sessions are simply not enough.

We demand and challenge the Company to come out of hiding and schedule more dates in the interim.

The Company’s blatant delay tactics and an overall lack of respect for the negotiating process have only accomplished one thing; the failure to achieve a fair and equitable contract that our members deserve.

We encourage all Association members to voice your displeasure to the Company. Make it clear to them that by dragging their feet they are disrespecting you and your right to the contract you deserve.


Your Association Executive Negotiating Committee