President’s Message – 2-26-2019

Brothers and Sisters

We have two more scheduled sessions for mediation. March 18th in DFW is first. I don’t have a very good feeling about a positive outcome. We continue to ask to keep what we have now and have the ability to grow with American Airlines. They want the ability to contract out our jobs when they want. I think the message we our putting out is loud and clear. We will not allow the company to outsource our work. Our resolve must remain strong as American Airlines continues to not honor our sacrifices from years past. April 22nd in FLL will be the last scheduled session. At that point the picture should be pretty clear, although i think it’s clear right now. This is there merger. They said they wanted us to have the best of everything. That talk is all but gone. Stay strong together as we may be in a fight like none of us has seen before. Be safe and work safe.


Kevin Sullivan

President Local 510

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February 15, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

Negotiations continued in Atlanta this week. The Executive and the full negotiating committees continued working together at each step of the process and all were fully updated.

The company’s hard-line attack on the work Association members do, our Scope, continued throughout the week. The Association’s basic Scope proposals remain to secure the work we do today in all classifications. Our Scope proposals are a near zero cost to the company, since it is work we are performing today, yet company negotiators continue to insist we concede and give away that work.

It is unconscionable that the largest airline in the world, making billions annually in profits, is fighting to take away our security and rights to better shifts or days off by demanding more outsourcing. Their CEO has publicly boasted “We will never lose money again,” but, yet, American is proposing we accept a contract that would outsource 2,200 Heavy Maintenance jobs, allows them to almost double the amount of Line Maintenance work now done in foreign countries, grants them the power to transfer Stores and GSE work to vendors, decimates our facilities maintenance membership and outsources Fleet Service work as they see fit.

Company negotiators continue to demand we accept inferior health care plans without having a say in their cost or plan design. Finally, even if all other elements of the JCBA had come together in this week’s negotiating session, American still demands we accept less in retirement than exists today or what other employees receive.

Your Association Negotiators will not bring a JCBA to the membership that is concessionary in benefits, work rules, and annual compensation nor further diminish our Scope to pay for it.

With the company’s ongoing onerous demands, this may be shaping up to be a very long, hot summer and not just because of the weather. We hope cooler heads can prevail, but with just six more negotiating days scheduled by the NMB, it seems American negotiators have painted themselves into a corner.

For over three years, American leadership has made us promises of industry-leading contracts. The time is now to deliver on those promises.

We must continue to prepare for the fight of our careers. By standing together as one, in solidarity to preserve our jobs and our livelihood, we will prevail.

Future mediation dates scheduled:

  • The week of March 18 DFW
  • The week of April 22 FLL

Your Association Executive Negotiating Committee