President’s Message – 5-14-2018

Brothers and Sisters,

As we continue to try to reach a CBA with American Airlines, I wanted to thank you for your hard work and outstanding job that you do on a daily basis.  Despite the company’s commitment to get back to negotiations, no dates have been set up as of yet. We have all seen plenty of propaganda on Jetnet but nothing to counter the proposal we have put forward.  I understand the financial inequalities we endure as this process lingers on and how frustrating it is for all of us.  Hopefully we can bring this to a close soon.  Please remember this is not the American Airlines from years past, this is the “New” American Airlines.  As profits sore and we continue to become more productive they look for more cut backs and concessions, which is shameful.  Stay strong and continue to do the TWU proud.  Never forget your worth.  Never forget this chapter in your career.

Kevin Sullivan

President Local 510

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May 18, 2018
Association, American to Meet
Brothers and Sisters,
American Airlines recently changed course by contacting the TWU-IAM Association leadership
seeking dates to discuss minor issues that remain open in our negotiations. The Association views
all discussions between us and the company as important to achieving our goal of a tentative
agreement. For this reason, the TWU-IAM Association Negotiating Committees have agreed to send a small group of committee members to meet with American Airlines on June 11th and 12th to discuss these outstanding issues.

Regretfully, however, we are still in dispute. American Airlines management continues to
disrespect Association members by refusing to negotiate the components of our contracts that
will impact our lives and our families most of all.
The Association’s priority is to reach a fair agreement with the industry’s most profitable carrier
that brings true work protections, leads the industry in compensation, provides the retirement
security Association members deserve, more fairly shares the profits we help generate, and
preserves the healthcare choices brought to American Airlines through its merger with US Airways.