President’s Message – 5-13-2019

Brothers and Sisters

The new American Airlines has just taken another step in the wrong direction. How far will they go to try to convince the Association membership that the deal on the table is industry leading. Take the time to understand what is at stake here. Ask your local manager to explain how the proposed buyout will be applied. Ask why they can’t afford to keep the better medical options for us. Ask why they want to change the scope language when all we want is to keep what we already do today. I’m sure they will be unable to answer any of these questions. It’s going to come down to how far are we going to let them push us down. It’s hard when the company we’ve worked for for so many years changes into a new company. American Airlines is gone, we need to understand this. The new American has taken over. They say they want you to have the best but just compare some of the proposal to what are competitors have. It won’t take long to figure it out. This is a frustrating time. Don’t let them drag you down. Lets show them who built this airline. STAY STRONG. 


Kevin Sullivan

President Local 510

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May 22, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

The TWU-IAM Association today submitted a letter to the National Mediation Board (NMB) requesting they compel American Airlines to fulfill their obligation to bargain with The Association.

American management has tried to circumvent your negotiating committee by filing a lawsuit, misrepresenting the facts to Congress and trying to negotiate directly with employees. All these standard union-busting tactics do is divert resources from the only place negotiations can be resolved – the bargaining table. Every day American spends away from the negotiating table is another day you will have to wait for the contract you deserve.

Your Association negotiators remain ready to continue negotiations at any time, with or without the National Mediation Board. All we need is American Airlines to be willing to send people to negotiations with the authority to complete a deal.

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Your Association Negotiating Committee