President’s Message – 08-12-2018

Brothers and Sisters,

As we try to come to an end in these negotiations the company, again shows the disrespect for our hard working members.  They show their true colors in what they would like to do, take our jobs.  American Airlines wants to have the ability to contract out when and where they want to.  We cannot allow this to take place.  We on the LAA side, are suffering financial inequalities versus our IAM brother and sisters.  As much as this comes to light in the work environment, we have to be strong together.  We have to stand up to the company and let them know that we are united and we will not allow them to give our jobs away!

Kevin Sullivan

President Local 510

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August 10, 2018
American Blows Another Chance for Agreement
Brothers and Sisters,
The Association Executive Negotiating Committee met with American Airlines this week in Washington,
D.C. to continue the discussion about Scope proposals. Your Executive Committee presented the company
with comprehensive proposals. The Association proposals are reasonable and recognize the sacrifices our
members have collectively made through our company’s bankruptcies by securing our work into the
Our members deserve nothing less!
All of our responses to the company continue to fall on deaf ears!
Management continues to disrespect our members hard earned stake in this company by blatantly
disregarding our attempts to come to fair and equitable Scope agreements for all classifications. With each
passing negotiating session, the company’s negotiating committee’s disregard for our membership has
become more apparent. They continue to ignore the contributions our members have made to help them
become the most profitable airline in the world.
The company’s negotiating committee continues to make proposals that contradict what
their Chairman and CEO Doug Parker and President Robert Isom have publicly promised
our members from the beginning of negotiations. In stark contrast, American’s proposal will
eliminate 2,500 AMT jobs, not include facilities maintenance work protections, and allows
the outsourcing of almost any fleet service work.
The company must know that our members will remain strong and united; that you will not waver in the
protection of your scope and the jobs of all of our members!
Your Association Executive Negotiating Committee